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Ofsted Inspection at
Busbridge Infant School, 2021

“Staff ensure that there are a wide range of activities for children to enjoy. This helps engage and motivate children in their play.

Children have ample opportunity to be physically active, such as playing football outside with their friends and dancing in the hall.

Staff model to children how to ask others to join their play, such as showing them how to include everyone in a game of football.”

Ofsted Inspection at
Greenfields Junior School, 2021

“The leadership team places high importance on keeping children safe.

There are robust procedures in place for minimising risks, including the drop off and collection of the children from the infant school.

Staff are consistently deployed well to ensure good levels of supervision and support for all children.”

Ofsted Inspection at
Christ Church New Malden Primary School, 2021

“Children’s emotional well-being is supported effectively. Children are settled in this welcoming club. They build good relationships with staff. Staff are friendly caring and approachable, and treat children with kindness and respect.

Staff spend time getting to know the children. They provide a very calm reassuring approach to help children understand and manage their emotions. They encourage children to talk about their emotions and feelings, and explore what these emotions might feel and look like, such as ‘happy’ or ‘sad’.”

Ofsted Inspection at
Holly Lodge Primary School, 2021

“Younger children receive sensitive support from staff who get to know them well.

Older children develop their social skills as they take part enthusiastically in games that require teamwork and problem-solving.

All children are encouraged to participate and enjoy activities to their full potential.

Ofsted Inspection at
St Paul's Primary, 2021

“Staff have high expectations and are positive role models.

They supervise children well to ensure they are safe. Children feel safe and secure in this welcoming atmosphere. They behave well and are kind to each other, polite and respectful.

Staff encourage good manners and praise positive behaviour.”

Ofsted Inspection at
Send Primary School, 2021

“Children of all ages have good opportunities to be active.

They demonstrate high levels of energy as they enjoy outdoor sports and time on the climbing apparatus. Children practice new skills, such as how to use bows and shoot arrows in archery sessions. Indoors, they are proud to show others their own skills, for example ballet dancing and cartwheels.

Staff follow children’s lead and play alongside them enthusiastically.